Résumé Resolution

New Year – new résumé?

Whether you are applying for a new job, passively networking or completely happy where you are, now is the time to update your résumé!

  1. You never know when you’ll need one. What if a position opens up that is  your dream job and you are asked to apply – and the deadline is in one week! What if your friend asks you for résumé advice and wants to see your résumé as an example – is it ready to help someone? It’s very hard to write a résumé from scratch, and I would argue even harder to update a stale one that you haven’t looked at in five years.
  2. Résumé reviews can be a wonderful career evaluation tool. Look at yours – are you where you want to be? Is the professional represented on paper who you really are? Going through the process of writing and articulating what you do day to day sometimes opens up glimpses and windows into reevaluating what you want to do – and I’m ALL ABOUT career dreaming, building, and evaluating.
  3. It’s a small step to invest in yourself. How much time and investment have you put into your career? How much of that has been the benefit for the company or employer? I challenge you to invest in yourself. Look within and self-reflect on what YOU want, and who YOU want to be.

Resumes are just a piece of paper, just one document, but they say a lot about your dedication to your career, and making sure you are prepared as soon as that perfect/hard/challenging decision approaches – would you be ready?

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