Focusing on Strengths

I’ve been coaching on strengths for a couple years now – and I’m fully into it. (See new coaching package option!) The theory behind Strengths comes from Gallup, with the goal to “start a global conversation about what’s right with people”. It’s a very powerful conversation to have with people to identify actual strengths and put language behind it – not only to talk about what’s going right in their career but also how their strengths might cause challenges and miscommunication in their work.

It’s also a great tool to start having people pull themselves away from their weakness and focus on building up strengths, a behavior changer that allows professionals to prioritize their time on building up what’s most likely to help them in their career, and life.

As we enter a new year, I invite you to start self-identifying what’s strong about you. Beyond just taking the assessment, evaluate what you contribute to your every day life, and figure out how to keep benefiting others by using your strengths. This slight mind-shift might have a tremendous impact on how you move forward with your career.

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