“Fall”ing back into a routine

I don’t know about you, but even though I haven’t been in formal education for over 10 years, I still view the year in two parts; school year and summer vacation. Recruiting tends to peak when the country is busiest, the beginning of fall, and the end of spring. It dips down before and after winter holiday, then has a rush later in January. Because the job market has somewhat steadied after the downturn of 2008, these trends are re-emerging.

This is the time when a lot picks up – new TV means new advertising campaigns, sporting events means corporate sponsorship and promotions. In a sense, the country falls back into a routine. Don’t fight it – allow yourselves to re-start and begin new routines to best prepare for potential career changes. Humans naturally perform best when you’ve implemented a routine – how can that effect your career goals?

Morning Routines. Calm mornings mean calm mind for work. Prepare the night before – put out your outfit, pack your lunch, etc.

Weekend Routines.  I envy people who prepare every dinner each Sunday. I can never figure out how to do this, but I can imagine how relaxed it would be to have everything planned out. Do something every weekend that flexes different muscles than you use during the week.

Routinely not having a routine. I have to also state the benefit of “shaking things up” every once in a while. Drive a different route to work, eat something different for lunch, talk to someone new, read books you’ve never read. There’s proven benefits to using your brain in different ways than it’s used to.

Having routines and automatics allows you to focus more on your goals. Think about the times when you want to focus on your career and other things get in the way – work on those things first. Remove the barriers and excuses to be able to pinpoint what you need to move forward.

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