Working hard for the money…

I learned about an experiment they now use for psychological theories about rewards and work. Adults gave children tasks they found enjoyment in – for no rewards. Children had fun. Then, those tasks were rewarded with treats – the same exact tasks became less fun.

Translate that concept into your own work – how much of your daily tasks do you TRULY enjoy? Any of them you would do as a volunteer?

Employee engagement is an increasingly discussed topic nowadays, as more evidence gets collected that it’s no longer money that is the motivator. Employees want to WANT TO WORK, and be invested in the work, whether or not it’s during work hours. They want to be proud of what they are tasked with and be recognized for what they accomplish. (And this isn’t just millennials people!!) As a company, how do you balance rewards, incentives and salaries so employees find their talents and interests within the work? Interesting question. I have no idea.

I’ll just keep working for the weekend.

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