The thrill of the hunt…

I originally wrote this blog post four years ago for my employer, but it’s still so true today…..

Do you know someone who is constantly going after a new job (even if they’re employed)? Someone who is never satisfied with what they do every day – someone who is a serial interviewer? What’s the attraction to the hunt, and why are we always thinking there’s something better out there?

The dream of a better job is not a new concept, and it’s probably something we’ve all experienced once in our lives. Sitting at our desks, wondering how a 3% raise will benefit our grocery accounts. Being able to plan the next family vacation, retire early, and yes, finally finding a job where all your dreams come true.  But does that exist? I don’t know the answer, but I do know the mentality has changed over the decades to defining what a “dream job” is.

Career paths used to look like this:


Nowadays, workers are looking for more and more opportunities for advancement and challenges making career paths more like this:


With all those twists, reversals and road blocks, and with people changing jobs more often, the idea of job searching has been cemented in our vocabulary, “everybody’s doing it”.  There is something to say about the excitement of the hunt – the thrill of the next big opportunity.  The chance to get that call from the next guy to reboot your career.  But in reality, with so many people actively looking all the time, it means more competition for the dream jobs you are seeking. When does the excitement of the hunt get in the way of figuring out what you really want to do?

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